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Brand: Iron Maxx


  •  With 800 mg of Guarana extract per capsule!
  •  Provides 86 mg of caffeine per capsule!
  •  For a long-lasting supply of caffeine!
  •  Fat and carbohydrate-free caffeine supplier for hard workouts!
  •  Ideal for strength, power and endurance athletes!
  •  Ideal before a workout!
  •  Especially suitable for long loads!
  •  Can be used at work and during leisure time!
  • Depending on your needs, take 1-2 capsules daily

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Guarana Energizer - Ideal before workout, during work and leisure!

Guarana Active from IronMaxx® contains high doses of all natural active ingredients of guarana plant. Guarana is one of the most potent natural sources of caffeine. The caffeine of the guarana fruit differs in the speed effect significantly from the caffeine from the coffee plant and is therefore particularly suitable for intense and longer workouts. With 800 mg of guarana extract, which contains 86 mg of caffeine in only one capsule Guarana Active delivers about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and it is your alternative to coffee. But Guarana Active, with the highly concentrated herbal caffeine is also the ideal solution to a hard day at work or in everyday life. The high-dose capsules are easy to swallow and can be worn easily in any handbag or sports bag. Guarana Active from IronMaxx® is therefore suitable for use in the diet phases to protect the body's own muscle reserves and thereafter contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.

What is guarana?

Guarana is a species of liana native to the Amazon basin. The evergreen plant is characterized by its high caffeine content - (about 4 8% in dry matter). Guarana has been known to the natives of the Amazon for centuries. The peeled and dried seeds are ground to a light brown powder, mixed in water and drunk. Especially for people sensitive to caffeine, the use of the herbal guarana caffeine is better than the caffeine from the coffee bean.

Important Info:

Do you have any questions or need further product information? Then visit one of our IronMaxx® shops near you! Our staff wants to provide comprehensive advice about our products. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone on the IronMaxx® hotline (0800-22-000-99) on weekdays from 09.00 am - 5:30 pm or in writing by email (info@ironmaxx.com).


directions of use:

Depending on your needs, take 1-2 capsules daily. Consumption is recommended before physical and / or mental stress. Guarana Active in the evening. People who are sensitive to caffeine.


Ingredients: Guarana extract, bovine gelatin (capsule), magnesium salt of fatty acids. May contain traces of gluten, lactose, soy and egg.


100g contains:

Calorific value 378 kcal / 1605 kJ
Fat 1.4 g
of which saturated fatty acids are 1.1 g
Carbohydrate 62.4 g
of which sugar <0.1 g
Protein 28.9 g
Salt <0.1 g
Guarana 85,061 mg
of which caffeine 9144 mg

Each serving contains:

Calorific value 3.5 kcal / 15.1 kJ
Fat <0.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g
Carbohydrate 0.5 g
of which sugar <0.1 g
Protein 0.2 g
Salt <0.1 g
Guarana 800 mg
of which caffeine 86.0 mg


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