Zinc + Copper 60 Tabs

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  • 15mg zinc per capsule
  • 1.5mg copper per capsule
  • Supports protein synthesis & immune defense

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Zinc, the all-rounder when it comes to bodily functions, now has a strong partner: important for your immune system, for skin and hair as well as an indispensable participant in protein synthesis: zinc + copper form the new dream team! This power duo with extremely strong immune defense benefits definitely belongs in your supplement cabinet. Go green: the capsules are of course vegan – plant-strong power for your top athletic performance.




Packing size: 60 caps

The zinc + copper caps are the right choice for supporting the following goals:

  • Support of the immune system
  • Muscle building
  • Important for wound healing for skin and hair

For whom are the zinc + copper caps suitable:

  • For fitness and strength athletes
  • Endurance athletes
  • People who want to strengthen their immune system


For you as an athlete, zinc is important as a mineral all-rounder for many body functions. With the new partner copper at your side, even more! Stay active – with the top duo zinc + copper. We’ll tell you why and what’s in our capsules.

What is zinc good for? The trace element is the all-rounder in our body. In addition to the main role in protein *, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, it also contributes to skin and hair formation.

Because of its involvement in protein processing, zinc influences the body’s own growth and development processes. In other words: without zinc, many biochemical mechanisms in our body do not work. With our zinc + copper, however, yes.

Another highlight: Zinc supports your muscles in regeneration and also strengthens the immune system. Our zinc + copper capsules will give you a helping hand so that you can burst with top athletic performance again.

What is copper good for?Welcome to the team! Like zinc, copper ** is an essential trace element in the body. In addition to the liver and brain, it can also be found in the muscles and bones of your body and, as a copper-protein compound, plays an important role in oxygen utilization – a kind of catalyst for your muscle cells. On top of that, it is the ideal partner in matters of immune defense support ***. Zinc + copper: these two simply belong together!


When it comes to dosing, we leave nothing to chance. Our zinc + copper capsules provide you with 15mg zinc and 1.5mg copper per daily serving . Your body needs more trace elements, especially during your high sporting phases. Reason enough to help with the right supplement.

So that your regeneration, cell growth, muscle building and wound healing do not plummet, our zinc ration boosts the promotion of minerals.

* Zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis
** Copper contributes to normal energy metabolism
*** Copper contributes to normal function of the immune system

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